Monday, October 25, 2010

stem swap and the GRT line-up

Today I spent most of the day mentally preparing myself for this weekends race. After this weekend there won't be much to look forward to in the way of racing as winter slowly approaches that is if it comes around this year. I really could care less, I dig the warm temps and would be fine with 2 seasons a year, Spring and Summer.

A few days ago we hit up Bent Creek for a little singletrack action and I decided to take Vana White in favor of her squishiness. I wanted to see how it felt bombing down some of the faster downhills like Green's Lick. I did feel a bit more brave and sailed over a few jumps here and there but for the most part I'll probably never be a big hucker. This is one of the reasons I chose the JET9 over the RIP9, it's just a bit more my style. While at Bent Creek I noticed my rear derailleur acting up a bit but not enough to ruin my day. I was able to use my limited mech. skills to keep things rolling but I knew it needed a professionals touch.
Instead of screwing things up myself again I gave Alan a shout and headed his way to get things straightened out once and for all. For a 6 pack of frosty goodness he got things rolling right for me and now Vana will be ready if called upon this weekend.

For a while now I've been running a bit shorter stem on the Jet9 because it was all I had and it worked well for me but I scored a new stem off of Alan that suits my needs much better and looks good too. I put the new stem on the Air9 since it was white and I was quite pleased with the look.

The Race Face that came off the Air9 was moved over to Vana which looks and feels much better than the Easton that was on it.

Next up on the agenda for Vana, a new crank set, but that will probably be a while.

As of right now the weather forecast for this weekend is sunny with temps of high in the upper 60's to lower 70's and I couldn't be more pleased. Perfect weather for racing, camping and all around good times at Haw Ridge. The Hill of Truth race has been in the past some what of a festival surrounding the race. There are all kinds of shenanigans going on in the woods and in the campground. Last year that was not the case, the skies opened up and Mother Nature had her way with us all day Saturday turning the trails, us and our bikes into a muddy mess.

GRT racing did not let that get us down, we raced through the mud, the blood and the beer and came out victorious in the end.

Yes it was nice to win 1st place for a change but I will gladly give that up to the sandbaggers who dominate the sport class every year for sunny skies and dry trails. I've never been in it for the prize money, I just enjoy the atmosphere and the excitement of racing with and against friends. There is nothing like hauling ass through the woods, seeing old friends camped out along side of the course with a mountain of empties stacked up on the hill behind them and stopping for a brief moment to partake in the festivities before jumping back on the bike.
It's looking like we might have a bigger and rowdier crew with us this year so staying focused during the race may be tough to do especially when the sun goes down and the bonfire is lit.

Now for the most important section of today's blog.
The GRT Racing crew for
The 12th Annual 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth.

Anthony Duncan aka "Fat Tony"

Andy "I"ll punch you in your freakin' face!" Mullins
Brad "I'm a badass" Reed aka "B-Rad"
and of course me
See you this weekend suckers!!


Amanda said...

1. What prize money?
2. Where'd you get them sweeeet glasses?
3. I'm so coming this year, and bringing a friend.
4. Can Sophie sleep with Moonshine since they're BFF's?
5. Tell Melinda I miss her.

Brad said...

That white boy in the full face helmet has some d*mn skinny legs!

Nice lead up to the event. I look forward to it each year. What a way to always end a good year of riding!

Riding with dogs said...

1. Prize money is the cash you get for winning the race.
2. The glasses were my bro-n-laws but I'm sure Walmart has em'
3. Cool, the more the merrier!
4. Yes Sophie is welcome as long as she doesn't pee the bed or chew up anything. I just had the enterior re-done for the dog house on wheels.
5. Melinda misses you

weather said...

weather forecast from GFS,