Wednesday, October 20, 2010

mother nature, please don't let me down

With less than 2 weeks away I think I'm ready, well as ready as I'll ever be since I really don't train. The 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth is just around the corner and I'm pretty excited. Andy, Anthony and I, 3/4 of GRT Racing scoped out this year's race course last Sunday and it looks like it should be a fun fast course with the exception of the dreaded Hill of Truth climb. It wouldn't be the same race with out it so I'm not gonna suggest they remove it from any future courses. It's a nasty loose climb that gets steeper as you go, it's an energy sucker that will leave your heart racing and your legs burning. Every year I hope to clean the climb at least once but as loose as it is especially on the steepest section near the end I don't see it happening. I know deep down I could clean it if the dirt was free of debris and hard packed but hey this is mountain biking. I'm not really sure it's faster to ride it vs walking it but it would be nice to say I did it. I feel pretty strong right now. I'm not as lean as I would like to be but I don't feel over weight either, I just feel, well normal. Too many post ride stops at Papas & Beer or the Mellow Mushroom is part of that problem but hey what a better way to end a good long ride.

I spent a good portion of the day yesterday washing the ECO in preparation for the HOT only to see it get rained on last night. It never fails every time I wash one of our vehicles it rains, I hope I didn't just jinx our weather for next week, we really need a dry year this year. I really don't want to race in the mud again, even if it keeps all the sandbaggers home and out of the Sport category.

So I've got three rides on the new Jet9, I'm tempted to call it, or her Vana since that's the official color of the frame but I'm not sure just yet. Anyway with three rides on the Jet9 I've yet to drop the chain running it as a 1x9. Normally I run the N-Gear Jump Stop chain guide which is simple, cheap and works very well but the rear shox mount design will not allow it. So I'm looking into other options like some of the more fancier chain guide systems out there that mount within the bottom bracket and also incorporate a half moon style bash guard to save a bit of weight. They're a bit more on the pricey side but they look cool and do double duty with chain protection and weight savings. The Jet9 currently weighs in at 27lbs., just barely and I would like to keep it that way. I wish I could post some pics as examples but blogger says no image uploads till 5pm due to maintenance, sheesh.

Two rides are on tap for tomorrow, I didn't mean to schedule two rides in one day but hey it happens. The first one is a Creeper run with some co-workers and then a night ride @ Warriors if I get some takers. I'm really trying to make the night ride a weekly thing and draw a big crowd but it's been slow going so far. We had 4 riders show last week which isn't bad but no bites yet this week. After this weekend I'm taking some time off the bike until next Saturday in an effort to have fresh legs for the race. I was toying with the idea of racing the Fall Fear held at Hungry Mother State Park just up the road a bit but working nights this weekend would make it tough both racing and working on little or no sleep. I think I will skip this one yet again and hope for a free weekend again next year.

The Hero cam will be in full effect this year at the HOT as long as the weather holds out. I've yet to film a race and I've had good intentions before but fell short due to crappy weather or crazy head feeling due to allergies. Seeing dead people really makes filming and riding difficult. I've got a bunch of good ideas for this year's race and if they turn out well it will make those of you who skipped this year's race wish you hadn't.

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