Thursday, February 12, 2009

there are cats in my trees!

If you read my blog every once in a while you've probably heard about my neighborhood cat problem. Two of the cats in my hood have gotten together on more than one occasion, I think, and had who knows how many kittens. I occasionally look out my kitchen door to see 3 sitting at the window looking in to taunt my dogs. I usually whistle for Moonshine and let her chase them around the yard to teach the cats a lesson. The other day a black and white one sat there looking in like a peeping Tom and I called for Moonshine, let her out the door and watched as she chased the cat up a tree in our backyard. She stood at the base of the tree with her front paws up on the trunk looking just like a coon hound. I ran, grabbed the camera but only got one shot off before the cat jumped down and headed for the woods.

Yesterday I decided to take a break from riding and wall building and go for a run. I decided on the world famous Crazy 8's route downtown. It's the world's fastest 8k race that draws runners from all over the country. Anyway as I was getting ready I thought I would pass along a little info on my current running sock/shoe setup. Normally I don't do gear reviews because I kinda think they are boring to read but I will this one time because I've been so impressed with my setup. I scored a pair of DeFeet Cloud Nine socks a little over a year ago and I will say they are like running on a cloud. They are by far the most comfortable sock I have ever owned. DeFeet is a cycling sock company but these are running specific socks. I've tried to buy more but they are difficult to find, I guess due to their popularity.

My shoes I got this year are the Asics GT - 2140. They are a little on the ugly side and the ruby red stripes always makes me think of Dorothy's ruby red shoes in the Wizard of Oz. I'm actually glad they are a little ugly because I am more likely to save them for strictly running in. The shoes have good support in all the right places, no slipage and have a solid but comfy sole that does not get hot after a long run. I may not be the best at giving a good review. I don't know or have all the technical info but I did do a little research on the kicks before I bought them and they got the Runner's choice pick award for 2009 or something along those lines.

No I'm not paid by either company to say these things but if they want to send me some money or free products I will gladly accept it.

Greg Following from A Sparks on Vimeo.

Alan shared this video with me last night. It's from last weekend in NC. He mounted the camera on his rear triangle and got video of me following. I actually get to be in a video this time, no way!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking feet!!!

sweet beth said...

Nice legs Greg