Monday, September 27, 2010

and it continues

The past two posts I've done nothing but whine about bikes I would like to own but really can't afford right now and I blame it all on the new stuff appearing like a bad rash all over the internet. I can't stop looking at all that has been exposed since Interbike last week. I actually had an offer to go, all I needed was a plane ticket to Vegas. I was already off all last week and that really made it hard for me to say no. I'm glad I didn't go but at the same time I wished I did. Interbike would have been a really cool experience but I probably would have bought something I shouldn't have.
Since I've already talked about my cycling addiction I might as well continue on and drive myself crazy and no I haven't reached a decision on what to do. I did make a call today and got a few prices but there is still one key bit of information that I'm waiting on. Tomorrow hopefully that bit of info will help me decide what to do. If not, this rambling may continue on for who knows how long.
So anyway, like I said I've been looking around the world wide web gawking at all that has been revealed this week and I came across another frame that has me thinking. Salsa, a few months ago dumped all their Big Mama frames in a very ridiculously cheap way. A sale I could have kicked myself for missing but oh well. This sale stirred up alot of rumors that they were dumping that frame for good and they might be coming out with something new.

This week I saw just what it was they had up their sleeve.

The 2011 Salsa Spearfish

WOW! Thank you Salsa for torturing me that much more. Yes that's they're new 29" full squish rig. I inquired about the cost of the frame today but Salsa has yet to even list this bike on their site. My guess is it won't be cheap.

I've got three days off starting tomorrow and it looks as if the rain will be done with us sometime tonight. If so I may hit Bays Mtn early and ride the gravels while the dirt dries out. If not I'll resort to plan "B", go for a run.

Wednesday the plan is to hit ETSU again and maybe just maybe if the stars are aligned correctly, short track.

Thursday I'm trying to resurrect the club group ride, it was previously held on Friday nights but fizzled out I think mainly because it's the start of the weekend for most and Friday night most folks are doing the family thing. So if your itching to ride this Thursday we're meeting up at 6pm at Warriors.

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Joshua Stamper said...

MSRP for the Spearfish is ~900. Quite reasonable for a FS 29er frameset that is about 5 lbs.