Wednesday, September 8, 2010

dogs, snakes, deer, turtles & Pop's new murdered out ride

I found the camera yesterday shortly after I hit publish post which would have made for a more bloggier post with pics but oh well. I found it in my helmet under my sweaty gloves while I was suiting up for a ride with the dogs at Warriors. I shoved it in my jersey pocket just in case I had one of those "I wish I had my camera" moments.

Creeper pics

Melinda and I with my folks, my sister & new bro-in law Ben.

Pops gettin it on his new murdered out Townie.

My ride yesterday ended up being another shake down ride as I'm still adjusting stuff here and there. I dropped the seatpost, raised the seatpost. Dropped the tire psi again and again before I remembered that I had not tuned the new Reba at all to my weight, liking or anything related to me. It took me halfway through the trail to realize this rookie mistake but without a shock pump all I could do was adjust the rebound. All this stopping and fiddling around with my bike did allow me to see a few little creatures I probably would normally have missed.

Black snake

Turtle or tortoise I can never remember but he had some really cool colors going on.

My original plan was to hit Bays Mtn but as I was loading up the Niner the dogs started jumping around and begging to go with me so at the last minute I changed my plan and hit Warriors. Warriors is more dog friendly with ample water sources, a lake to swim in and no-one around to fuss about them being off leash.

I miss the good ole days when they could run a full lap without breaking a sweat.

I thought hitting singletrack I would be less likely to notice the extra travel in the Reba but I definitely noticed it and it wouldn't leave me alone the whole ride. I really wanna keep it at 100mm so I'm gonna flip my stem upside down to see if that helps her feel more like my other bikes and not like I'm 10 feet off the ground. I originally thought about swapping the Crossmaxs from the Monkey to the Niner but I think I'll leave the Bontragers on for now. They seem to feel really good.

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