Saturday, September 4, 2010

the day has finally come!

All last spring I had on thing on my mind, how can I manage to come up with the funds to build up a Niner. At the time the Mamasita was doing just fine but I had been pondering a new Air9. There really wasn't a whole lot of difference between the two other than a few ounces and a bit different geometry and of course the Air9 had no carbon. Not really needing the Air9 I couldn't justify just buying one without raising the dough outside of our normal income, I needed to sell something. My Masi CXR hadn't been seeing much action and I had considered selling it several times but could not bring myself to let it go. Meanwhile a buddy of mine was looking into buying a Niner and our LBS was willing to get him one at a better deal than could be found online. The only problem was he was not an authorized dealer so he had to order two at a time. For a couple of days my buddy searched for another individual looking for a Niner but found none. I finally decided to put the CXR up for sale and in the event that she sold for the price I was asking then it was my destiny to buy the Air9. Within a week I had a buyer and since it was officially CX off-season I knew it was a sure sign. We placed our order sometime around the 1st of July and were told that it would be 2 weeks before we would see our bikes. Meanwhile I continued to ride the Mamasita with the intention of selling the frame when my Air9 came in and using the $$ I made of the frame and left over parts to build the Air9. A couple of weeks later I was scrubbing down the Mamasita after a particularly muddy ride and I noticed a crack in the seat stay. At first I was totally bummed but the longer I thought about it I realized as long as the warranty was still good I would have a brand new Mamasita frame to sell instead of a used one. Sure enough the warranty was good and the new Mamasita was put up for sale as soon as she came in. Now without a geared bike I was forced to ride the newly updated Karate Monkey full time. I was actually excited, the Monkey has always been a sweet bike to ride but with a geared bike hanging on the wall sometime pure lazyiness takes over and the Monkey stays at home.

The original 2 week waiting period turned into 3, then 4 and everytime I would call I would get the same line. The rep says your frame should be here anyday.

Everytime I would go into the bike room I would pass the growing pile of new & used parts for the Air9 just waiting to be mounted up onto a frame. I think Melinda was growing tired of looking at the pile of parts as well but not because they needed to go on a frame but because she said they needed to get off the floor and stored anyway properly out of her sight.

Closing in on two months I started having my doubts as if my Air9 would ever come. I even started rethinking my options and looking into other frames. Once my searched got fired up again I received a call from Alan letting me know my Air9 was on the big brown truck making it's was across this great nation of ours to the land of the hillbilly.

Seven long days it took Santa in the brown suit to bring me my frame and everyday I called the shop to see if it had come. Last Thurs it finally did, I got the call as soon as I walked in the door from hiking with the dogs. I was so overcome with excitement that I ran out the door leaving my sock full of cash that I had been saving just for this day. Once I got to the shop I realized what I had done and had to put the whole thing on my credit card rather than do the whole 40 minute drive again.

I walked in the door laid my multiple Wal-Mart bags full of parts on the counter and demanded that Alan stop what he's doing cause my bike was full priority and surprisingly he did. Normally I put my own bikes together but I lack a few tools for things like headset cups and no matter what I try my patience just won't allow me to learn how to adjust a deraileur correctly. Alan can put a bike together much faster than I can and save me from alot of mistakes that make a shake down ride normally a hike a bike out.

The folks at Niner really know how to make the chain and seat stays look sexy.

Niner's little pep talk for you everytime you swing you leg over one of their bikes.

I've yet to get a ride on it other than the usual hot laps around the yard being chased by two big black dogs who seem to be just as excited about the new addition as I am. The first official shakedown ride will occur not on singletrack but the VA Creeper. My folks are in town this weekend and are ready for another chance to hit the Creeper. I was actually surprised at their willingness to go since the last ride was a big wash out. After that, bring on the singletrack!
Now I'm starting the process of how I'm going to come up with the funds to purchase a RIP9.


Anonymous said...

Congrats again Greg.
Any chance of putting up a components list?
How come the rear derailleur cable is run using cable ties?
Looking forward to a ride report.
I have to now decide on what colour to go with seeing as niner have just changed them. And which child to sell to help finance the purchase.

Brad said...

She's gonna look real nice after several laps at Haw Ridge. Sweet Ride!

Riding with dogs said...

Iain, I ran the rear derailuer w/ cable ties because I'm running cable housing the entire length with no breaks, no breaks = no dirt, grim and clean crisp shifting for over a year now. That cable & guide came off my old Mamasita, there was no need for a new one. Ride report & components list coming soon.


Dude there was no way I was going to tell you no about putting that Niner together after you waited sooooo long, thanks for being so patient!!