Thursday, September 30, 2010

pounding the pavement for a good cause

Yes it has happened, Anthony aka Fat Tony has finally re-entered the blogging world. He gave up on his old cycling blog that has cobwebs all over it's homepage and started a new one titled Not My Marathon. F.T. has decided to start training for a marathon to raise money for cancer research.
Will he continue riding? He better, GRT has a big race coming up next month.

All his talk about running got me out yesterday with my worn out running kicks on. I originally planned to ride ETSU and then race short track yesterday but AKS bailed on me in favor of the couch so instead of making the 30 minute drive to ride alone I decided to go for a run. Last minute the LCH rang my phone announcing that he was riding but it was too late for me too re-change my plans. I do enjoy the occasional run and 5k race but I find it hard to to get enough running in to do any big events like a 1/2 or full marathon due to my much stronger interest in riding. I've had a goal for sometime to do a 1/2 marathon and with the creation of a few locally in the last year I may actually try it on next year. Local endurance runner and GRT teammate Brad Reed has been telling tales of his endurance event races that have really peaked my interest. I don't think I'm up for the really long stuff that he runs but that 15 miler at Bays he did this year does sound appealing. Maybe the Double Trouble Mountain duathlon at Bays this December will be just what I'm looking for.

Yesterday I boxed up the Hero cam and shipped it back to GoPro for a replacement. It was starting to freeze up on me and that was becoming very annoying during action shots. The only way to fix the issue was to remove the cam from it's case take out the batteries and reboot the system. The problem was beginning to get worse and it just plain sucked to have to do this in the middle of a ride. My last camera bit the dust with this annoyance happening the very same way but unfortunately it was already out of warranty. Hopefully I'll have a new cam back in my possession before the HOT race. I've already got some fresh ideas for a cool race video. Maybe someone will let me dust the cobwebs off their camera and use it that weekend for some really cool double cam footage.

Unfortunately it looks as if the old Schwinn, "Brownie" will have to wait on being restored due to some other expenses coming my way. No big deal really since winter is on it's way and a CRAWL cruiser really wouldn't see much action in the cold temps. The extra time will allow me to really put some thought into what I want to do with it. For now I may just slap some new tires on and ride it as is.

Tonight's TNR ride, the singletrack edition is still on unless it pouring rain. Yesterday the trails were near perfect, all the previous rain fixed the really loose spots so we should be good. The Weather Channel is only calling for a 30% chance of rain so cross yer fingers. See you at the trails at 6!

My bro in-law posted up a video from one of his recent shows, somebody in the crowd with a really shaky hand filmed his new band "Lost Pages" performing their song "Bloodstains". While the footage may not be the greatest his new band sounds good. Check it

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Andy said...

Why not just go for the GoPro Hero 3D? It's only $700.