Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm glad it's over

Wow what a week, I just finished one of the more grueling weeks at work that I've ever had. Yesterday the last day probably being the worst. Was it physically challenging? Not really, I spent four, 12 hour days staring at several monitors. Yesterday I spent the majority of those 12 hours fighting a part of our process that would not corporate. I lost in the end but was more than happy to give up and walk away, I had enough.
I did manage to squeeze in a ride at Warriors on Wednesday that really seemed to make the week just a little better. The days are officially getting shorter as our ride was finished just before the sun went down. I also learned that riding a CX bike on those particular trails requires alot of skill. I followed the Local Cult Hero through the first mile of Darwin's Revenge as he attempted to maneuver through some of the nastiest stuff Warrior's has to offer aboard his Surly Crosscheck and although it's a sweet bike I would have never ridden it there. I gotta give him props for trying.

Recently I downloaded a cool app. for my phone, a retro camera app. that applies cool effects to your pics. I found this setting fitting for my new cruiser. I stopped by my sister's house last weekend and picked up "Brownie". I hope to drop it off at the shop to begin the restoration process this weekend. When the project is finished I expect this bike to look totally different.

A little birdie told me that on Oct 1st for 24 hours only, registration for the 6 Hours of Warriors Creek will be open at a $20 discount. I totally plan to take advantage of this huge offer especially since the race will be capped at 300 riders. Last year, only the second year of the race, it sold out months in advance leaving alot of folks sitting at the house. This year I plan to make a come back and actually do more than one measly lap. I will be armed with prescription allergy meds that will hopefully keep my head in the game and not out in lala land. That was probably my worst performance in a bike race and it really left me feeling like a turd.

While doing some celebrity blog reading I ran across this trailer online. The 2009 film was pretty cool so I expect the 2010 version to be worth viewing as well.

Race Across The Sky 2010 from Citizen Pictures on Vimeo.

Tonight Melinda and I will be strapping on our lights and heading to Holston Mountain for a sunset ride with a few friends and a few tallboys. We're meeting at 6:30 to ride to a lookout point over the lake and partake in a few refreshments while the sun goes down. If your interested check the NTMBA forum for details.

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