Wednesday, September 22, 2010

GRT returns!

This year really hasn't been much of a big season for me and racing. I did enter a couple of races here and there both cycling and running but a couple of them have been a disappointment for me performance wise. With a couple of events on the horizon maybe that will change and hopefully I can redeem myself.
The month of Oct: The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k, the Turkey Trot 5k & the 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth.
I'm paid and entered into the Race for the Cure 5k but the 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth is really where my head is at. Yesterday Fat Tony and I went for a ride at Warriors and the main topic of our discussion was the H.O.T. and our team GRT, otherwise know as Granny's Rotten Teeth. Our team has seen many different faces over the past 5 years since it's creation at our first HOT race. Every year at the HOT we seem to have a different 4th member. Brad has been a consecutive member for the past 3 years and this year we're looking forward to Andy's return for his 3 race with GRT at the HOT.
Last year we saw our 2nd podium at the HOT and our first ever win. Normally once you win a category your expected to move up. Last year was a nasty year weather wise for the HOT and many teams pulled a no show boosting our chances of a podium spot. Had the weather been nice and had there been a huge turnout I wonder if we would have even manged a 3rd place finish. I've been pondering on what to do, move up to Expert or stay in Sport. After a few brief discussion with my teammates I think we've decided to remain in Sport another year. If there is a big turn out and we still podium then we'll move up to Expert.

On tap for December is a new event the Double Trouble Mountain Duathlon. This is a 5k run, 10 mile mountain bike followed by another 5k run all held at Bays mountain. This event is definitely going on my calendar.

With a new bike in the stable and the HOT coming up I really find myself struggling with devoting time to running. Running is something I enjoy but it usually takes a backseat to mountain biking when the weather is nice and everyone is riding. I really enjoy running races but I usually don't know anyone, some races I've shown up alone and the only person I've talked to has been the volunteer working the registration table. Every once in a while I'll run into a fellow cyclist.

Recently I created an online shop through Cafe Press for the mountain bike club where anyone can go online pick a logo and apply it to any of the listed products, tshirts, hoodies, hats, coffee mugs etc. and have them printed and shipped to their house. With the HOT right around the corner I decided to go ahead and create a shop for GRT as well. I can never have enough tshirts and who wouldn't want a GRT tshirt. Get yours now and support one of the coolest, most unruly, anti-training teams out there! Click here!

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