Monday, May 19, 2008

New goods

I picked up a couple of new things for our bikes last week. My cruiser got some well needed pedals. The ones that came on it were some cheap black plastic pedals that just didn't fit the style of the bike. I also picked up a new bell for the Karate Monkey. The old one has seen a few muddy wet rides and the lever tends to stick when ringing it.

The original pedals were actually heavier than the new ones I put on which are nothing fancy. They're actually some used pedals I picked up at Norris Bicycles last week for $5. I was checking on the status of Melinda's Schwinn Breeze. Everytime I go in and check on it, Dave gives me the same excuse. "Man I've been slammed and I haven't got a chance to work on it, check back with me this weekend" That the same line I've heard for 3 weeks now.

Pretty cool skull huh, too bad it won't be visible. I always flip the bell upside down so it's not in the way on the Monkey.

Speaking of the Monkey, here she is hanging on the wall where she's been patiently waiting until my back will allow me to take her to the trails again. Yes those are flat pedals on it, I put those on it when I took a friend from work on the CRAWL and let him ride it. Not a good experience, he had a little to much to drink and could keep the Monkey upright. He also got a little whiny and started getting on my nerves. I guess some people just aren't cool enough to ride a KM. He did say he loved the bike and said he wanted one which is what I usually hear every time I let someone ride it. My brother in law is currently try to build one up now.

This weekend I was able to finish sandblasting the CrissCross frame but I still haven't decided on what color to paint it. Looks pretty good I think. I had decided on a yellow orange but now I'm thinking olive green. I've got a few parts for it but not much. I still need a fork, wheels, brakes and drivetrain. Lol, pretty much everything.

Melinda did get some new wheels for her ride and I do say they look pretty sweet. (I lost the front one after our last CRAWL.)

I plan on getting on my bike today to run some errands today. My back is feeling alot better and I think I'm making alot of progress. I'll have to post some more pics up tomorrow of the backyard projects. We made a few more changes and Melinda got some plants in the ground as well as the other Maple tree this weekend while I was at work. It's really starting to look good back there.


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