Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday Melinda and I took the dogs out on a hike yesterday and poor Jackson, well he tends to be a little clumsy now and then and if anyone is going to get hurt doing nothing it's going to be him. He was trotting through the woods and hopped over a small log but accidentally stepped on a branch and it snapped under his weight and down he went. I don't know if it was the same branch or a different one but it caught him right under his eye. Poor guy I know it had to hurt but I told him if he's lucky he'll have a tough looking scar.

Here is our newest little tree that Melinda planted up in the backyard. It's some kinda Autumn Maple, I can't remember the proper name but the leaves do turn red in the fall so it should look really good.

I think we're close to being done back here, we've still got a few touch ups to do to the walk way. It's not completely level yet. but the gardens turned out great after we finally decided on a design.


Johnny T said...

i like the curve in the left side landscape way better than the squared off early version

Anonymous said...

walk-way and garden look great but I'm sure you will find something more to do. tell Jackson I am sorry to hear about his accident. I hope he gets lots of sympathy.

Riding with dogs said...

I'll tell him, he keeps looking at it in the mirror and flexing his muscles, I think he's proud of it. We didn't like the square version either. All those rocks were over kill once we laid the out.