Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pancake Shack is back!

Pancake Shack....hmm, I'm not sure I like the name anymore. Anyway we finally got it back and everything is in working condition, well except for the right rear brake light, it works every once in a while. I guess that means it's got a short somewhere.

We took it to Tsali for our 3rd trip in it since we bought it and I'll have to admit I was a little nervous going inside with the top up. I made a stand to put under the handle just in case but Melinda wouldn't let me bring it along because she said it was tacky. I guess I'll have to make a prettier one next time.
On the way down Melinda turned to me and asked, "Did you pack my helmet, gloves and shoes?" I said no but I do remember seeing your helmet in the back of my truck. I asked if she wanted me to turn around but she said no. Sure enough when we started to get ready for our first ride no shoes or gloves. Off we went for a little side trip to the NOC for a new pair of shoes. I knew if we found a pair they would be the most expensive ones they carried and I'm used to that I was just praying they had something in her size. It's so hard to find women's specific anything these days without placing an order. Sure enough they had one pair in her size and yes they were the most expensive pair in stock. No big deal they are good shoes, alot better than the pair she been wearing.

We had a great time at Tsali, Melinda, Alan, Rob and myself all shared a campsite, drank a few beers over a campfire and rode some sweet trails. I'll have to hand it to Melinda she wasn't too excited about riding with three guys but she did very well.

For the most part the trails were in good condition but in the past they've been alot better. When you have to pay to ride a trail every time you would expect that they would almost always be in great condition. I can understand when a storm blows through and a couple of trees fall and block the trail, that happens. The last few years the conditions have seemed to be getting worse. There are always trees down, I think we crossed 4 or 5. There are several sections where water collects or erodes the trail and what's left is a rutted out section that really kills the flow. I really hate to complain but where the heck is my money going? I pay every time and nothing changes. No new trails and it seems like very little maintenance is done. Don't get me wrong I will still continue to go to Tsali it's a great trail system but I just might reconsider paying next time.

I'm not sure what to say about these photos but I thought they were funny.

Where did I put that bottle opener? That was a question I kept asking Melinda all weekend.

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Alan Sparks said...

Nice write up...... better than mine