Wednesday, August 13, 2008

trash day

A year or two ago a blue barrel appeared just up the hill from a section of our local trails. Not long after that it was setting upright next to the trail as if it was meant to be a trashcan. Over time it slowly collected various water bottles and random stuff but it was never clear if it was put there by the park or just rolled down from the nearby farm. It never really posed much of a problem until here recently. The other day I noticed it was over flowing and spilling out onto the ground. After some thought and a post by a friend of mine on our local club forum we decided it was time for it to go. The area it was in was too far away for the park maintenance to empty so I assumed they dd not intend for it to be there. I loaded up Moonshine and Jackson, some gloves and trash bags and headed out to meet Rob and Mike at the trailhead to take care of business. We had to hike in to the section where the barrel was so I figured it would be good exercise for the dogs. When we arrived we turned the barrel over realizing it was mostly full of rain water. We managed to clean up all the trash which was alot less than we originally thought and hauled it and the barrel out to the trailhead. On our way out as we were nearing the last section of trail which was downhill, we figured why carry it when we can roll it. The section was plenty wide and fairly smooth so we gave it a go and sure enough it took off down the trail with Moonshine chasing after it. Seeing that blue barrel rolling down the hill got Moonshine fired up and she began chasing it as fast as she could while trying to bite it on the way down. It was hilarious I wish I'd brought my camera. I kept waiting for her to jump on top and roll with it like a lumberjack.
Good news the "Pancake Shack" should be ready by tomorrow just in time for our little camping trip this weekend. Hooray! I talked to A&L today and they said it was working correctly and they were putting the furniture back in this afternoon. Hopefully I can go pick it up when I get up tomorrow.
Still working on t-shirt designs mostly just the font here but I think I'm narrowing it down. I may tweak it a little more but probably not until next week. I've got too much going on this week. I've got to try and can some peppers tomorrow and I'm afraid I won't have time since we're camping this weekend. We'll see


Alan Sparks said...

I likes the fresh new look on your page here. Your so artsy! Thanks for taking care of the trash too.

If you get a chance can you email the graphics of the bicycle your going to use on the front? Thats sweet!

LAter G

Anonymous said...

I bet that was a funny site. say did you recycle the plastic bottles?