Friday, August 29, 2008

random stuff

Week 1 complete in the can I do 100 push-ups test. Only 5 more to go.

My little monthly vacation is over, time to go back to work. I got in quite a bit of good riding over the past 7 days even with all the rain we had. I'm working nights all this weekend so no big Labor Day plans for this honky. The one good thing about working holidays is holiday pay. That always makes for a nice paycheck. Extra money means new bike parts. I'd like to have one of these bad boys for the monkey.

I've got a carbon bar on it now but it's a riser and I think I'd like a flat bar better. I've been running a flat bar on Mary and it seems to be a nice fit for me.

At the homestead we've had an outbreak of wild cats born into the neighborhood. Two of my neighbors' have cats, one male and one female and they run loose all over the neighborhood crapping in my mulch and driving my dogs crazy. Well the two of them got together a few months ago and had themselves a litter of kittens. Now they are old enough to wreak havoc in my mulch as well. I used to fuss at Moonshine for chasing the neighborhood cats but now I encourage it. I just fuss at her for crapping on grass other than her own. I've been tempted to break out my BB gun or call the cat catchers but I always think twice and feel sorry for the little guys even though I'm not a cat lover. So for now I'll continue to just let Moonshine keep them in check. For all you cat lovers out there fear not she can't catch them, she can't climb trees.

The Carr household guardian.

Two things that really get on my nerves: Celebrities who think they need to tell the world how you ought to live and people who like to tell you how great they are.

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