Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Registration is up for the infamous 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth, the race where GRT Racing was born and raised. It looks as if the HOT is going to be my last bike race of the year unless something significant changes. The OCHO is officially off my radar, maybe next year. I'm sure it will be a great event and maybe I'll be able to put it on my schedule for next year but I've opted for a different type of ride that weekend.
Granny's Rotten Teeth Racing has seen many faces through the years, some that have joined us for more than one race and some that have just been on board once. This year will be no different but that's okay it keeps everything fresh, new and exciting. Well actually not new but different. Racing with GRT has it's advantages but that can come with a price especially if being in the spot light is not your thing. Some enjoy it some hate it, I personally am used to it. I can handle an entourage following me around all day complete with a boom box throwing down fresh beats everytime I enter a room, not that it happens but I could handle it if it did. Two years ago Alan decided he wanted to try stepping into the spotlight that is being a member of GRT and at first he liked it but I think deep down inside the pressure was a bit much. He took the next year off and a step back unsure if he could handle his new found celebrity status. Early this year he decided to give it another shot, we currently had a spot open because the interviewing process had not begun. Obviously we accepted his request being a GRT alumni and we were set for the HOT with plenty of time left. I made a comment here on my blog sometime back about his return and I think that's when the pressure really got to him. two days later he woke up to random people milling about in his front yard wanting to know what bike he would be racing and would he be ingesting energy gels or PB&J's during the race. I don't think he was expecting the media to be on his doorstep so soon. It was partly my fault for announcing the 2009 team so soon but he sounded very confident and I assumed he was ready for the celebrity status again. All week I've been getting calls from him because the press won't leave him alone, paparazzi have been following his kid to school and even showing up at every bike shop in the Tri in hopes that he be turning wrenches there that afternoon. Even Angie had a photographer show up last weekend pretending to be the pilot of the plane she was getting ready to jump out of. It's never ceases to amaze me the lengths some folks will go to just to find out what you ate for breakfast. I think that was the last straw and unfortunately he decided the life as a GRT racing celebrity is just not in the cards for him right now.
I know the Internet will be buzzing tomorrow with this announcement so we have decided as a team not to announce just yet who his replacement will be. I will confirm that his spot has been filled and he is not an unfamiliar face to GRT but I can't release his name until closer to the event. I will say not only does he look mean but he's been known to set the trail on fire in with his aggressive riding style. Haw Ridge has been set on fire before so it's safe to say the course can handle the abuse come Oct. 31st.

stay cool


Brad said...

Hopefully our pick won't be leaked to Velonews. This 4th man, should fit in quite well. Does he have any input as to the uniform of the day?
I enjoyed the paparazi segment. I've always been more of a fan of the guys and gals drinking Starbucks Double Shots, following me, and cheering my name.


LOL, that was freakin' kewl!!

I had to draw the line when they started bothering Austin @ school!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Great post Greg, good stuff!

Joshua Stamper said...

I believe I have a buyer for your mary. I will put them in touch with you. send me a email at