Monday, October 19, 2009

cold & boring

I think the blogger world is in a bit of a funk here lately. I will admit my own blog has suffered a bit of the same, only 4 posts in 3 weeks, that's pretty sad. As I look down the list of links to my fellow bike riding bloggers only a couple stand out as regulars that post something, it may not always be an exciting tale of spectacular adventure but hey at least they're trying. I don't necessarily have anything exciting for you today I think the weather has gotten me in a bit of a funk. I really wasn't prepared for the nasty wet and cold we have experienced for what seems like 2 weeks. Today I believe is the turning point in this funk, sunny skies and warmer temps are on tap for the week and I plan to take full advantage of it and my time off. Rocky Fork anyone?
Melinda and I did venture out on the dirt twice this weekend, Saturday we hit the road with Abby and Andy in their funky little Element loaded down with a ton of bikes, cold riding gear and a couple off frosty beverages just in case anyone got thirsty after the ride. After multiple stops to dehydrate from all the coffee we consumed we finally arrived at our destination, Warrior's Creek in Wilksboro NC. I was a bit skeptical about the condition of the trails that day. We had non stop rain the entire week leading up to the trip but the rumor on the street was that Warrior's Creek knew how to shed the water and the rumor was correct! The trails were near perfection with the exception of small debris that had fallen from the trees. The ride started off chilly with the wind biting us from every direction while we swapped from cotton to lycra, fleece & wool. We warmed up quickly after heading into the woods under the protection of the trees. I have never been much of a fan of the cold weather as my feet and hands never seem to be warm enough. I think I can contribute poor circulation to the problem. No matter if I'm suited up with my wooly bully socks and winter riding shoes my toes and fingers always struggle to stay warm. I try not to let it bother me to much cause I don't have any plans to stop riding year round anytime soon. I wouldn't miss the fall foliage and snow one bit if we ever moved to warmer climates. I do plan to hit my local bike shops this week for some better finger protection.
I snapped quite a few pictures from the weekend but failed to retrieve the camera from Melinda's car before she took off for work this morning so the photo summary will have to wait.

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