Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mr. Crabgrass

The past 2 days off has had me riding in the woods on 3 different occasions, 3 rides in 2 days you say? Yes that's correct, I had to do something to take my mind off the annoyance that is my neighbor and the fact that Alan said I sounded like Mr. Crabgrass after yesterday's post. I had second thoughts on my post but wrote it anyway because Alan told me to always tell the tale. Anyway, 3 rides, 1 @ Warriors and 2 at Bays Mountain which has been alot of fun lately. On one of my rides the other day at Bays I was descending one of the many fireroads and I noticed something to my left. A deer was running parallel to the gravel I was on. I looked down at my cheap little bike computer and saw somewhere around 23-25 mph. The deer was ahead of me just by a couple feet but leaping over obstacles one right after another like it had wings. It was a really cool experience to watch the deer keep that pace through the woods with what looked like very little effort. As my path leveled out I had to really stomp on the pedals to keep pace with my little brown fuzzy friend who seemed to be taunting me. "Hey buddy, what's the matter can't ya keep up?" At that speed the greenery around you tends to blur and I found myself wondering what it would be like to run through the woods at that speed leaping over downed trees or whatever was in my path.
There was no Short Track for me last night, every Wed. night through October Bays Mtn stays open for mtn bikers until 7pm. Melinda announced earlier in the week that she wanted to ride so I decided to skip the 28 minute burn in favor of getting her out in the woods on her bike. It was a good ride and I was surprised at the number of riders that were there taking advantage of the late hours.

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