Sunday, October 25, 2009

trying to stay low

It's gonna be hard not to go out and ride my bike all week, I've got three days off this week with nothing but good warm sunny weather in the forecast. I really need to take it easy and save my legs for this weekends race. Today I ran the 3rd leg of the Eastman Triple Crown, The Susan G. Coleman, Race for the Cure 5k. As usual I've not been running much but I felt good non the less today even after coming off of night shift this morning. Upon arrival I was surprised to see a huge crowd, the word was it was the biggest crowd to run a 5k in the Tri-Cities. Luckily for me I had pre-registered so the line to pick up my number was short. The line for unregistered runners was way too long, if fact the promoters realized that the start of the race was going to be severely delayed if they waited on everyone to register. They made an announcement that if you wanted to run but didn't care about your time being recorded you could skip registering and race for free as long as you promised to come back next year. Even after that the race was still delayed 10 minutes. As my luck would have it they were out of T-shirts when I arrived so I'll have to wait a month before I can pick it up. After scanning the crowd I think it it is safe to say that the shirts will be a little better than those ridiculous shirts they gave us at the Crazy 8's 8k.
Once the race started I picked my way through the crowd of slow runners and walkers who thought it was a good idea to start farther up front than they should have. It's annoying to have to fight your way through packs of folks who think they're faster than they really are. What really cracks me up are the guys who start off at they're max speed as if the race is only a 100 meter dash. It doesn't take long to catch up to them walking trying to catch their breathe wondering what happened to the speed they had in high school.
I guess I'll try and keep myself occupied with preparations for the weekend. I really need to do some bike maintenance and cleaning. Both mine and Melinda's mtn bikes are a muddy mess from a trip to Haw Ridge a few days back. We were hoping that the race course would have been posted prior to heading down but it wasn't. Having ridden there alot over the past few years most of the trails are familiar and usually the promoters of the HOT keep the course very similar from year to year. This year they threw us a curveball and we will be running a big portion of the trails backwards not to mention crossing the mountain 3 times instead of the usual 2.
I checked the weather again today & noticed that the forecast has changed again. I still think the chance of rain is minimal but it did increase. I hope I haven't jinxed myself.

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Angie got two really cool shirts for pre-reg at the Hospital