Saturday, October 24, 2009


Can you say more road trips? Yes we snuck off to Warrior's Creek again a few days back. While the weather was not as good as the last few days we've seen, the trails at WC were in excellent shape. It had rained the entire day before but you really couldn't tell.

I may not be the best photographer but as you can tell from my blog I like to shoot pics of all our adventures. The only problem for me is the lack of other people taking pictures.

I got some great shots all day but after I went back to review them I noticed I was only in 1 maybe 2 shots.

Ah, here we go I finally got into the frame. Luckily for us some random chick decided to ruin the shot by pushing her bike off the trail directly behind us. It might have been a little bit cooler if she was at least riding by.

I've got to get an Element, riding up to Wilkesboro in Andy's funky little box was a ton of fun. The only problem is I don't think an Element would pull the ECO.
Probably the highlight of the trip was Melinda and Abby singing all the way home to every bad song that played on the radio, or was that the highlight of the ride home, I can't rememeber.

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