Tuesday, October 13, 2009

free mattress

Free mattress complete with box springs, I will even help with transportation to your house if you live within a reasonable vicinity of my neighborhood. I would prefer that this transaction take place during the daylight hours so that my neighbors can see me haul it off. All interested parties inquire within. Yes my neighbors are at it again, they decided to replace their old mattress with a new one I guess or they could be trying out the whole simplifying they're life fad that seams to be cool in Cali but I doubt it. Instead of storing their old mattress in the garage or properly disposing of it like normal folks they decided to drag it out to the road the day after the city comes by for the bi-weekly refuse pick-up. What I don't understand is why the drag it to the place in the yard that they do. Actually I might know the reason as it is sitting within 6 ft. of my driveway. They take the regular trash out on the other side of the house (they live on the corner) but the blue sink, blue toilet and now old mattress set all go down near my yard. I've thought about keeping it in case I ever decide to build some sweet jumps in my yard for soft padding in case there is a crash landing but I doubt Melinda would allow it.

Last weekend Melinda and I had plans to head over to Bent Creek and ride the trails. Saturday night we noticed the kids were unusually needy following us around the house demanding attention everytime we stopped. We almost backed out of going out of town to stay close to home and take the dogs out hiking. We really wanted to get out of town and do some good riding before the temps really start to drop.
We decided in true "Riding with Dogs" style we would take them along with us and let them run as much as they wanted through the mountains of western NC before retiring them to their beds in the back of the truck. We've had to cut back their trail time these days due to their age and lack of endurance. If you ask them they could run all day but usually after a good hard jaunt through the woods Moonshine limps around the house but she does it with a smile on her face. I wish they still had 20 mile runs in them but they don't but I guess we all get old sometime. I guess I'll just settle for the 5 mile runs for now.

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