Tuesday, October 27, 2009

quick somebody call the waaa-mbulance!

Apparently somebody out there thinks that I maybe anti 26" wheels. I am not, in fact I have a bike sitting just across the hall from me in my super cool bike room that is sporting 26" wheels. It may not see the action that my 29ers see but it's just as cool and I couldn't imagine parting with it. There was also a comment that I'm still learning how easily 29" wheels roll over stuff. I always knew they rolled over stuff easy I was just never one to jump into the middle of a heated 26 vs 29 wheel argument. I like both, would have both if my wallet were fatter and hope to one day add a full suspension 26er back to my stable in the future. I said add not replace, the 29ers are here to stay in my shed. I tend to have an affection for all types of bikes not jump on a different bandwagon every 6 months with a mega phone shouting to the rooftops how cool they are. If I try out a fad I tend not to "gulp down the Kool Aid" which in my opinion has got to be one of the lamest references to a fad that I have ever heard. I wish I could say I can feel the flex in my 29er wheels but I can't. I've never been one to pay attention to details like that, it has to be something pretty significant to get my attention. When I'm railing through a corner my mind isn't focused on whether or not my wheelset is flexing. Maybe I should but my attention span is too short.
As I typed this post it got me to thinking about all the arguments I heard or been a part of when it comes to the 26 vs 29er and the more I think about it the more I realized that it seems to be the folks who ride the 26" wheels who are doing most of the arguing. Most of my friends who ride 29er have nothing against 26" wheels. It's just a preference for them. I wonder if the kids who ride 26" wheels are scared, scared that the bike manufactures are one day going to stop producing 26" wheeled bikes. If that's the case it might explain some of the anti 29 comments and the big wheel bashing. Don't fret my little friends we can both live in this world peacefully and share the same trails. One day Thule, Yakima, and Saris will realize that 29" wheels are here to stay but not take over and that it's ok to make all their racks 26 & 29" wheels friendly. Everyone needs to settle down and realize that it doesn't matter what size you wheels are, all that matters is your riding a bike outside enjoying nature and nothing else. Until that happens I guess I will have to trade in my new Lezyne saddle bag for a larger version so I can carry a pacifier for all the whiners out there. Whoops did I just say that?

PS - As for Walmart I like to park further away, the extra walk is good for me.


Iain Banfield said...

Hi Greg no big deal but I just wanted to point out what I think is a typo in your last two posts the saddle bag is a Lezyne not Lezyme. Enjoy your blog. Which model did you get? regards iain


I was going to mention that but I didn't......

I'm not whining homie. It's called stirring the pot, get it right yO!

I put a disclaimer in there too! just my preference and I was not picking on anyone. I appologize if I ruffled you.... :-)

Riding with dogs said...

Thanks guys shows how much I really pay attention to my own gear. That would explain why they've not answered my email requests for a sponsorship deal.

Scoob I knew you were just stirring the pot I was just adding a little hot sauce to the soup. Keep em coming!