Thursday, October 9, 2008

I hate pop/country music

Damn it's hard to concentrate on what I'm typing with terrible country music blaring in the background. I thought the Dixie Chicks called it quits. No I'm not at home we don't listen to that crap. I'm at work and the guys working the control room have terrible taste in music. I think they're hard of hearing too. Don't get me wrong I like some country music but it's mostly the older stuff like Johnny and Willie. This new wave country or pop country as I've heard it called is pure crap. What's up with rappers and country musicians collaborating? Country + Rap = CRAP Right now it's being played REALLY loud not far from where I'm sitting so please excuse me if the mood turns sour or my already bad grammar gets worse.
Wednesday morning I get off work to find out Jackson has an ear infection and I have to take him to the vet. Later that day I wake up to find out he's had an allergic reaction to the meds the vet gave him and his face is swollen up like a balloon. Poor guy had a bad day, after 2 trips to the vet with alot if poking and prodding, a shot and some stuff squirted in his ear he was worn out. Melinda made a special bed for him on the couch and he got his own pillow. I guess Moonshine got a little jealous of all the special attention Jackson has gotten. Today she started limping around like her paw is hurt. When I left the house to go to work tonight Melinda had made her a special bed on the couch as well. I hope the dogs get better before the weekend comes. I'm off and I'd hate for us to spend anymore time in the vet's office.
Needless to say with the rain we've gotten and and all the sick dogs around the house I haven't been on the bike since Monday. Well I did ride Tues but it was a short ride, very short.
Just 2 more weeks until the Hill of Truth race down in Knoxville. I'm super pumped, they announced the race course yesterday which isn't really anything new but it should be fast. The rumor on the street is that the race course could very well change the day before the cannon fires. There has been alot of smack talk going down on our local forum. I think Dr. Skips Medicine Show is looking for a little revenge after last years singlespeed show down between them and GRT Racing. I never have been much of a smack talker but I do like to stir the pot and sit back and watch. GRT won't be rocking the mustaches this year but we do have something new planned. I think this years race will be alot of fun, it better be, the race promoters keep raising the price a little every year. The first year I did this race we got shirts then the next two years the price went up $10 and we got pint glasses instead. This year the entry fee has jumped another $5 and we're getting socks. I kind alike the idea of socks, although the pint glasses were cool I don't have a cool place to display them. I'm still wearing the socks we got as our prize for 3rd place last year. I can't complain too much I usually walk away with alot of free swag every year, I haven't had to buy a water bottle for a long time.



Alan Sparks said...

you all should have grown the mustaches homie. You all better kick their butts!!!!!!

I told you before don't be kickin' other folks tastes in music!!! I'm with you on the pop\country it sucks ....but to each his own!

Riding with dogs said...

I know I couldn't help it, it was blasting in my ear.

Christopher said...

Down with you on the music, for the most part.
Johnny and Willie are cool, but Waylon and Merle would be my first two choices.

Riding with dogs said...

oh yeah, those were just two examples.

Anonymous said...

I have not enjoyed country stations for many, many years. I do like Americana which does have some country sounds and of couse my favorite is Lyle Lovett, which some would call county.

the Grumps