Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

Tis the trick or treat season. Melinda and I have been living in our neighborhood for almost 5 years now and we've only had 2 trick or treaters. Both were our neighbors kids, one of which told us we looked desperate for kids to come by. That made me made so I went with the trick route and let Moonshine chase her out of the yard. She had already chased the other kid earlier in the year and he was too much of a chicken to come to our door so he sent his older brother instead to collect his candy for him. Needless to say neither have been back since.
Every year Melinda buys candy at my protest in hopes that we'll have some trick or treaters. Not this year, we're not even going to stay at home. If they won't come to us we'll go to them. Melinda and I have decided we're going to dress up like children for Halloween and ride our bikes around town trick or treating. Why not, sure some people may catch on and realize we're not kids but we'll be half way across their yard with the goods by the time they get the nerve to say anything. If they do decide to say something I'm bringing a supersoaker along just for the occasion. So if two adults show up at your door dressed like kids you better hand over the goods or face the consequences.
Happy Halloween


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