Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PA trip part 1

Friday morning we loaded up the truck, Mother n law, dogs and all. I never realized my Mother n law would bring so much stuff and I'm not talking about just clothes. She had the whole back seat to herself and when she got finished putting her stuff in she had no where to sit. (Her luggage went in the back with the dogs) She had a total of 11 drinks packed just for herself, a cooler full of apples that she never touched and a huge stack of magazines that sat in the floor while she slept. She evidently doesn't know the meaning of packing lightly. We made 3 stops before we left Kingsport and another (bathroom break) 30 mins down the road.

When we finally arrived in Kingsport we called Dustin to let him know we were on our way and to have a beer ready for us. He had no beer! What?????? Okay I said so we stopped at the only convenience store in town only to be told they didn't sell any. The three fat kids pointed us in the direction of a distributor who only sold it by the case. We 3 couldn't agree on the same thing so that guy pointed us down the street to the hotel bar. A bar? Yep, that's the only place you can buy beer under a 24 pack. We get to the bar to find a sucky selection and no credit cards taken. What's with this place? After waiting 10 minutes on the bartender we made it back out to the car with the beer and on to Dustin's house. When we turned onto his street we saw him on his bike holding this sign.

Saturday morning Melinda Dustin and I headed over to Moon Lake State Park and rode their trails for a couple of hours. The trails in PA are alot rockier than here in East Tenn. It made me appreciate what we have in our own backyard.

Before we even got on the trails Dustin managed to crash on the small skills area and break his rear brake lever off. He ended up having to ride the whole day with only the front brake and never went over the handlebars.

That evening we went to dinner which had a bar that only took cash but oddly the restaurant took cards. Weird? I asked the bartender what was the deal with only being able to buy beer to go at a bar and she acted like I was living in the dark ages. Nevermind just sell me the beer I told her. In PA you can only buy 6 packs, 2 at a time from a bar, cash only or you can go to a distributor and get a case. No beer at convenience or grocery stores.
We headed back to Dustin and Melissa's house to play guitar hero and watch Beth (mother n law) dance to a little Michael Jackson. I've always wanted to play guitar hero but I wasn't very good. It's alot more fun after you've had a couple of beers. After a few songs I was able to play the guitar behind my head, funny stuff.

I did manage to snap a couple of pics of some Amish buggies on the highway but they didn't turn out too well. If they don't pay taxes how is it they get to use the roads?

It doesn't look like much from the video angle but the trail was loose, rocky and had a sketchy rock face I had to maneuver up. It took more than one try.

Billie Jean

More pics, videos and riding stories tomorrow.



Alan Sparks said...

looks like it was a fun trip.

rule #1 Always take your brand of beer just in case!
Rule #2 People are different everywhere you go if they arent from here.
rule #3 You were NORTH of the mason dixon line what did you expect yo!!! Them yankees like da cash huh?
rule #4 No place like home, no place like home, no place like home

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast. That Beth is such a party animal.