Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rider down

Tuesday morning I took Moonshine to the vet to have a growth removed. This is the second one she's had removed. The last one was on her chest and was just a fatty growth, nothing to be worried about. They did tell us that once she's had one she'll probably have another. We check her on a pretty regular basis and a couple of weeks ago we found another on her neck. No word on what this one is, it's currently being tested at the lab. The bad thing is they always shave a very large section of fur off so she looks kinda funny for a couple of weeks until it grows back. No swimming for her until the stitches come out either so we may have to steer clear of the trails for a week or so. She slept most of the day yesterday but last night when a bunch of the guys came over she was up to her normal mischievousness as usual.

Earlier this week I was downtown visiting the library,..... library? Yes I go to the library on a regular basis and guess what? I check out books to read. Whoa, betcha didn't know that. Anyhow back to the 3 pictures of bras hanging from the building. Breast Cancer Awareness is this month and our local radio station has taken it to the next level. They have definitely caught people attention. Pretty cool idea!

Yesterday I got out on my mountain bike for the first time since the HOT. I went out and did a lap at Warriors. There are alot of leaves down on the trails now and the air was chilly. It feels like winter already. I think it's way too early.
The last few times I've been to Warriors I've noticed the deer seem to be a lot more tame than normal. When I approach them on the trail they just look at me instead of running away. Yesterday I stopped and watched one eat leaves no more than ten feet from me. I didn't get my camera out fast enough to snap a pic of him but I did get his buddy. He's kinda hard to see even though he was really close to me. I wonder if I start carrying some apples or something can I get them to eat out of my hand like the ones at Bays mtn do?

Click photo to make biggie.

Sorry I don't have more interesting things to say but there is not much going on around here. Just back to everyday life. I guess I could make some interesting stuff up to say, I've seen others do it. Hmm...
I did decide to grow another handlebar stash but this time with some sideburns. Melinda has already begun her protest, she says I look like a dirty Mexican. No offense to any of my Spanish readers, I really doubt I have any but just to be sure I have nothing against Mexicans nor does Melinda think they are all dirty. We'll see how long it lasts.

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