Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Melinda and Sara getting ready for a ride last year at the HOT.

Working day shift this time of year leaves almost no time for riding especially when you work 12 hours shifts. Thank goodness I only do this 7 days out of the month. My monthly 7 day stretch of vacation starts again this Friday. We've got big plans, heading up to see Melinda's brother and his girlfriend in PA. Ahh.... Pennsylvania the land of Amish and people who talk funny.

We'll be loading up the truck for this trip. Melinda's Mom will be going with us which always makes things fun and interesting.

I've been on him to scope us out some good rides while we are in town and he's been hitting a new spot almost every weekend for the last month or so. So far our plans are to ride a bunch of trails located in Moon Lake State Park. It looks as if the folks up there really take their trail building seriously. I've seen pics and videos of wooden structures, big rocks, jumps, teeter totters, etc. Should be a fun weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Let us hear how it went.