Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The many faces of GRT

Granny's Rotten Teeth was formed some 4 or 5 years ago back when Anthony and I worked at the phone book factory RH Donnelley. The Hill of Truth was officially our first attempt at an endurance race. Anthony recruited his older brother Keith and a friend of ours Andy Mullins. We weren't sure what we had gotten ourselves into but we had alot of newbies joining us that year so the pre-race jitters weren't as bad as I thought. Well a little mtn nectar the night before may have played some role in that but who cares we had fun. I looked around for a pic of the original team but none were to be found. I guess that was before I stumbled upon the wonders of online digital photo storage. Some of my family has yet to discover it much less the internet but that's another story.

I did manage to find this photo of GRT with my bro-n-law John and Jay Hayes. That year was probably the muddiest race I have seen at the HOT. We walked around on wooden pallets that we stole from the bonfire pile because our campsite was under a couple inches of water. We had to dig a trench just to drain the water out of our campsite. That year our team managed to place 5th in the sport category even with a light problem that left John stranded out on the trail in the middle of his lap. The trails at Haw Ridge can be very dark when your all alone in the woods without a light. Luckily he found another rider and rode his rear wheel back into the pit area.

Although this was not our 1st 24 hour race it was our first under the GRT banner. We conned Keith into rejoining us and a new face John Rohrer at the BURN 24 hr challenge. Although we did not fair as well in the race we did manage to walk away with enough free BURN energy drinks to last several months after the race. What good is a race without alot of free swag? Sometimes the free swag is better than the prizes they give away to the winners.

Last year we decided to throw our hats into the singlespeed category. I had raced a 24 hour race on the Karate Monkey earlier in that year so I knew what I was getting into but this was the first race we were able to have the whole team on singlespeed bikes so we were pretty pumped not to mention we were going to be racing against some of our fellow NTMBA club members. They had a little more experience in racing singlespeeds but in the end we were able to stay out front and step on the podium for the first time in GRT racing history. That year we also all decided to sport handlebar mustaches, I think that intimidated our competition a little.

The new face of GRT Racing for 2008! We don't have a team picture yet so I had to take last year photo and photoshop Chris over that other guy who couldn't handle and the fame and pressure that comes along with being on such a prestigious team like Granny's Rotten Teeth. (Alot of folks like to throw around the term "Photoshop" even though they don't have the software or the knowledge to use it but I do. I didn't receive a Bachelors of Fine Art for nothing.) Not everyone is cut out to be a celebrity and we understood when Scooby had to step down. This year we may not be sporting handlebar mustaches but we do have a couple of interesting tricks or treats. It is a Halloween themed race after all and who wants to see the same old rerun.



Johnny T said...

whoa - great picture, i look a little shell shocked, guess i was just lucky to make it out alive.

That was a great time, hopefully i'll get to ride again sometime.

Riding with dogs said...

yeah maybe in 15 years or so

Alan Sparks said...

1st time! in GRT history making podium huh? I guess the team should have put a little more $$$ in the contract when it was time to sign ME huh?????

Ain't skeered !!!!!!