Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dog Food Surprises

Who knew that when I open a bag of dog food (Pedigree) that I would find a surprise in there for my self. Every once in a while Pedigree will throw in a new bone of some sort they are wanting Moonshine and Jackson to try out but not this time. It was something cool for me. Every bag has the usual little plastic wrapped set of coupons that I normally just throw away. I have nothing against using coupons but they're hardly ever anything we can use. I was about to throw this one away when the words "Free T-shirt" caught my eye! Sweet, I'm all about some free T-shirts. I quickly opened it up to find an entry form for the T-shirt and a requirement of 2 UPC bar codes from dog food bags. We have 2 large dogs one with a huge appreciate so we always buy 2 bags at a time. I cut the bar codes off, filled out the form and promptly sent it off in the mail. It said the normal 8-10 weeks for delivery but who cares it's free, right? No less than 2 weeks later I received the goods in the mail.

It's a pretty cool shirt I think anyway. I like black and the logo rocks. Dogs do rule. The current Pedigree commercials that show dogs who get adopted always seem to bring a happy tear to my eye. If we had a bigger house and alot more land I could easily adopt 3 or 4 more. Both of my kids came from the local pound and I couldn't ask for better pets. I'll never buy a dog from a breeder, there are just too many dogs out there that get put down everyday because someone just didn't have time for them.

I also received a nice little package from Twin Six, some stuff Melinda and I had ordered. They had a huge sale and we just couldn't pass up the deals.

My favorite.

Today is election day so get out and go vote!



Christopher said...

me and joy both have a Dogs Rule tee...I like free stuff!

Riding with dogs said...