Monday, November 3, 2008

Fun weekend

Hey what did you do this weekend? Beautiful weather right? Heck yeah. I was out in it. Cranking valves running around trying to save the plant I work at. My throat was sore all night last night because I was yelling in the walkie talkie all day. It's really loud at my place of business. I work at a coal gasification plant and 95% of the time it runs very smoothly but when it doesn't things can get very interesting. As much as we all dread the day when the gasifier shuts down it actually makes for an exciting day. It shut down Fri afternoon and it took us about 36 hours to bring it back up only to have it shut down again yesterday afternoon. The bad thing is, the engineers don't know what keeps shutting it down. It gives us no warning. Hopefully they will figure it out before I return to work on Tues night.
Enough about work, I think I will take advantage of the beautiful day and get out and hit the trails. This weekend Melinda and I are heading over to Fall Creek Falls State Park for the Tennessee Mountain Bike Summit meeting. Should be alot of fun. Riding some new trails and talking about building them with some like minded folks.
Don't forget to go vote tomorrow!


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