Friday, November 21, 2008

Let it snow

I didn't wake up to a winter wonderland like everyone else here in the greater Tri-Cities. I worked nightshift last night and saw it coming. I did go to bed this morning to a winter wonderland which was nice. I did spread some grass seed on my yard when I got home at 6am this morning while the dogs did their business (chasing cats, eating the neighbors cat's food, and crapping in the neighbor's yard). I've taught them well. Speaking of the neighbors, how dumb and lazy is this. They feed their cat with a paper plate, outside which Moonshine gobbles down faster than I can stop her. Then the plates, yes plates blow around the yard and mine. What do they do? Pick them up? No, they just set more paper plates out. I guess they're trying to train the cat to pick them up after he eats or maybe they think the paper plate fairy will be by to throw them away for them. I was chasing Moonshine out of their yard as usual and I notice 5 paper plates laying randomly in the yard. I love my neighbors. I'm about to stop chasing the dogs out of their yard, maybe that will get their attention.

Grrr.. for some reason all of my photos that I upload are too large and seem to be keep cut off on the right side. Not sure what is causing this hence the new layout of my blog. I'm trying everything to fix the problem but I haven't had any luck, yet.

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