Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fall Creek Falls

This last weekend Melinda and I loaded up the dogs, camper and the bikes and drove down to Fall Creek Falls State Park for the TN Mtn Bike Summit put on by IMBA and SORBA. Basically it was a meeting that talked about working with land managers and parks for building mtn bike trails on public land. While the meeting was good and informative it kept us inside for the majority of the day on Saturday when we would have rather been hiking and biking in and around the beautiful state park. We did get to do a group ride with everyone that was pretty fun but I'm not sure it was an actual mtn bike trail. It was a mile or so of singletrack that turned into doubletrack, a 10 mile out and back.

The trip was interesting and fun but I wished we had more time to see the falls and explore more trails. I promised Melinda we would go back next summer. Most of us NTMBA folks all camped together thanks to Brandon who managed to save a us a few campsites. Some of us got there late and the campground was filling up quick with hunters. Not a good weekend to be there with hunters running around shooting guns. We did have the opportunity to camp with the ETSU mtn bike team, some of which I knew and some of which I didn't. Those guys are an entertaining bunch. There are alot of funny stories to tell but I'll keep them to myself. Maybe next time those of you who missed out will go and experience it for yourself.

I will share a little photo essay with you, don't expect a bunch of pretty nature pics like I said we missed alot of the scenery.

Camp & Jackson

Jackson sticking his tongue out at me.

Joe and I gathering firewood the old school way

We didn't waste time cutting it up.

We just kept moving the log in the fire as it burned and it worked perfectly.

What's up with you and the tongue Jackson?

Although it started out as a group ride, they obviously didn't have a no drop policy. Not that we were to worried about being dropped, but some didn't even wait on people who flatted.

The road to the trailhead. Joe tried to convince me that blue jeans are the new lycra, I'm not falling for it. I think he just forgot his shorts.

We passed this half pool, half creek thing. I'm not sure what to make of it but it did have a diving board and lifeguard chair. Obviously it didn't work out to well and it looks as if they abandoned the idea. It made for a cool photo though.

"Trail" what a great name for a trail. Yes it got dark on us as we rode out and I think there were only 2 or 3 with lights. That's real night riding for you.

One of the highlights of the weekend, well at least for Anthony and I. We got to meet David Crosby. He's a serious partier, we talked to him forever just to get a photo with him.
I'm not 100% sure it was David Crosby but he sure did look like him especially with his hat off.

One of our chairs bit the dust and we needed some more firewood so I tossed it on. I know it wasn't very green of me but look at it this way, it won't take up space in some landfill.

Melinda and the kids. Jackson and that tongue again.

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Alan Sparks said...

That dude looks like Crosby! WOW! Who's the freak in the back???