Sunday, November 30, 2008

Trying new things

I would never make it on a show like Fear Factor. I used to think I could eat something nasty for money but now I'm not so sure and I'm positive I couldn't lay down in a bathtub full of giant hissing roaches.
My job tends to have it's moments when everything is running smooth and there is nothing going on and sometimes we get bored at work and end up doing some funny things. One of the guys I work with was talking about his Thanksgiving meal and all the food that was there. (Food tends to be a subject that frequents our conversations) Anyway he mentioned that his mother-n-law cooked a big pot of Chitlins for the Thanksgiving meal. For those of you who are not familiar with Chitlins go here to learn all about them.
As soon as he mentioned the word Chitlin, we all perked up, started asking questions and making funny comments. I'll not repeat some of the comments made but as you can imagine they were pretty gross.
Before I knew it someone talked him into bringing in the leftovers and I got talked into trying a bite. Yesterday sometime around lunchtime I got the call over the radio that the Chitlins were ready and if I was a real man I'd come in and try them. As soon as I walked in the room I was told they taste alot better than the smell. Hmm... that doesn't sound good. As soon as my buddy open the container I knew it was going to be bad. Several of us tried them and I think only one person was able to swallow it down. As soon as the Chitlin hit my tongue and I got a couple of chews in I made my way to the trash can and spit it out. It was pure nastiness, They did not taste better than they smelled in fact they tasted just about as bad as they smelled.
When I was doing a little research this morning I ran across a couple of recipes for Chitlins. I noticed something they all seemed to have in common, the phrase "prepare out in the yard". I can't imagine what it would do to your house if you cooked those things inside. Talk about a smell that would linger, I don't think you could ever get that stench out.
I guess I'm going to have to earn my money the normal way, at work not on some reality show.


Alan Sparks said...

Dam your world famous in one Have you seen your cluster map? WOW!!!

Riding with dogs said...

I've been world famous for some time now.