Thursday, November 6, 2008

Goin campin'

Tomorrow Melinda and I will load up the dogs and the Pancake Shack and hit the road to middle TN. We're camping out at Fall Creek Falls State Park for the Tennessee Mountain Bike Summit.
It should be alot of fun, the Oskar Blues Brewery will be sponsoring the event. You can't beat free beer. I've not ridden the trails there but new trails are always fun especially when your riding with friends.

Optional ride
8 pm - Welcome event/social (beer and snacks provided).
9 am - Mtb impacts in Tennessee
10 am - Threats to mtb access in Tennessee
11 am - Opportunities for new mountain bike access in Tennessee
12 pm - Lunch
1 pm - (Panel Discussion) - Forming an alliance of autonomous mtb organizations to address state-wide mtb issues.
3 pm - Ride
6 pm - Dinner on your own
8 pm - Social (beer and snacks provided).
9 am - Ride

I'll try to take lots of pics so those of yall who didn't get to go can see how much fun we had. Have fun at the game A.S.S.

I've been on the hunt for a new camping grill lately and all the ones I've seen have been ridiculously expensive. $40 was the cheapest one I could find. My old Coleman was getting pretty nasty and rusted and like an idiot I let it go. I was in Wal Mart the other day and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a bunch of grills stacked in an odd place. I knew Walmart had already moved out the grills in favor of all the Christmas decorations and the holiday junk they're already shoving down our throats. Please, Thanksgiving is still a couple of weeks away. Do they think just because they've already got the Christmas stuff out we as consumers will be more likely to spend more money on Christmas this year? It's getting ridiculous.
Sorry, back to the grill, there they sat about 20 of them marked down to $20. I grabbed one and headed home. I immediately opened the box to check out my new $20 grill to find out that it was in a million pieces. I guess that's why they were so cheap. It took about an hour to put the thing together only to find out the latch that holds the lid shut during transport doesn't work. Rather than take it apart and trade it in for another and spend another hour putting it together I'll probably just improvise with a bungee cord. That's why God made them and duct tape to fix things that don't work worth a crap, right?


Forgot to post this earlier: Moonshine's growth that we had removed came back clean from the lab. It was just a harmless fatty growth and they took out her stitches today. She'll be back on the trails this weekend.


sweet beth said...

i like the new pic of you and melinda on your blog page

Alan Sparks said...

Good luck riding down the and dont get shot!! Angie's sick we may not get to do anything. BUT.... what would happen to you if you went to some bike thing on your anniversary??? huh??? Thats what I thought. have a safe trip!!

Glad to hear the dog is ok.

Alan Sparks said...

we need to start a full time team of GRT. Not just at these 12-24 hr races dog!! solo and team racing yo!!!! Under the INFAMOUS GRT logo


Riding with dogs said...

Actually Melinda and I did the Assualt on the Carolinas on our anniversary day.
As far as GRT goes I'm surprised your still interested