Friday, November 28, 2008

earnin' the turkey

This year we decided to be prepared for all the food we were probably going to eat over the Thanksgiving Holidays by depleting the systems of all extra calories and then some. In other words we earned our Turkey and dressing. Wednesday Melinda and I loaded up the bikes and dogs and headed over to the local trailhead for some singletrack action.

You can always count on Jackson to wait on you at the top of the hill.

It turned out to be a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine.

Thursday morning I got up and headed over to Johnson City for my fist 5k race since last spring. The Turkey Trot 5k has been going on for quite some time on Thanksgiving morning starting at 8:30 am. When I arrived it was 29 degrees out but the sun was up and thawing off the frost. My plan was to bring the camera along to take pics of all the weirdos you see at these events. Right off the bat I spotted 2 kids wearing nothing but those gay running shorts, shoes and a smiley faces drawn on their chest, nothing else. I snapped their photo and asked them if they were with Jack Ass, they looked puzzled for a minute and finally when the light came on they laughed. I'm not sure what happened to the photo but when I find it I'll post it up.

Me, Alan & Angie waiting on the start

Their was a huge turnout, probably over a thousand runners, walkers, kids & dogs. Next year I'll bring Moonshine along for the run.
One mile in and feeling good.
It was a great way to start off the day that was until I got back to my car and realized I locked the keys in the car. I drove Melinda's Subaru but when I got out of the car I got out my truck key and left her's in the car. Not good. Did you earn or burn your Turkey or are you storing up fat for the winter slumber?


Johnny T said...

Nice work on the 5k Greg, We're gearing up for a nine miler this Saturday.....incidentally, those bike shorts are way gayer than running shorts.

Riding with dogs said...

lol, so are you running in those push-it running shorts now? I know you wear those gay biking shorts.

Johnny T said...

sometimes i wear both at the same time just to for the doubly gay effect.

Riding with dogs said...

lol, nice very nice