Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dirt Rag celebrity

I know I've been slacking on my blog posts and it's not that I haven't had much to say it's that I haven't had much time. I originally wrote this post a couple of days ago but it's been sitting in my draft box ever since.

I've been working alot and picking up some overtime here and there to pay for the holidays. On the home front we've been doing various projects around the house and in the middle of refinancing. I'll never understand how these people whoever they may be can come up with so much stuff to read. Our application package came with over 10, 11x14 pages of legal blah, blah, blah to read and I have a hard time understanding any of it.

I've been a loyal subscriber to Dirt Rag magazine for 3 years now and I've never been disappointed with their magazine until this month. Well in all honesty I wasn't really disappointed in this month's issue. I was disappointed my picture I submitted did not make it to print.

Two issues ago a fellow reader suggested that the editors at Dirt Rag put together a cycling tattoo gallery with artwork submitted by the readers. They did and so of course I immediately sent the an email with my photos of my newest edition on my left arm. Two issues later the gallery was there. I opened it with the anticipation of a kid at Christmas. The gallery was not really that great in my opinion but it was cool that they did it. I've seen better cycling artwork but I guess those folks didn't submit anything.

I did make it into Dirt Rag's online Tattoo Gallery check it out here.

The holidays are upon us are you ready? I'm not it looks as if I will be working, we never close.



Darth Duncan said...

That blows! I'm boycotting this month's Rag...okay, maybe not...but the thought crossed my mind. blog up yo!

Alan Sparks said...

Sorry man! Your artwork deserves better anyway.....