Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karate Monkey Comeback

That's right, a black Karate Monkey was seen in the woods near my house on more than one occasion this week.
The cold weather has kinda got me down lately so I decided to try running again a couple of weeks ago. My plan of attack was to just take it easy and slow and see how my back felt. I didn't want to push it and cause my injury to flare up again. So what did I do I went down to our local park and cranked out 4 miles. Not too shabby since I haven't ran at all since this spring but I felt good so I kept going. I knew the next day would be the real test but I was pain free. I woke up feeling good other than a little sore in my legs but it was the good kind of hurt. Since then I've been running a couple of days a week. My plan is to be back at running events this year.
Since the run went well I decided to take the Karate Monkey down off the wall and stretch her legs a little. I rode it out at my local trail twice this week and other that feeling a little beat up from the rigid front fork it was a good couple of rides. I think I've gotten a little soft with the suspension up front on the Mamasita. I do need to replace the grips on the KM, they're looking a little worn and I've had a new set of juegos de fuegos sitting on standby for when I stepped out of the sick bay. I think I'll put em on tomorrow and take her out again.
I did take the dogs out with me yesterday on the ride, man they were fired up. Jackson barks at me constantly in the parking lot. It's kinda hard to get ready when he's in your face letting you know he's excited and ready to run.
Saturday Melinda and I are heading up to NC to get a Christmas tree. Should be fun.


Alan Sparks said...

come do the turkey trot Thanksgiving morning here in JC dude!!


Riding with dogs said...

looks as if I'll be working Wed night