Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It's been a few days since my last ride, Coleman Boundary with Scooby to be exact. I think I'm having withdrawals, no I know I am. My schedule is looking jam packed for the next 8 days so if I'm able to sneak in a ride it will be a miracle. I haven't been to worried with my fitness lately though, the ongoing retaining wall project has been alot of hard work. Melinda and I have moved a little over 300, 23lb. brick into my truck then back out to my driveway and then finally to their spot on the wall. Some have come off the wall and put back multiple times in an effort to get everything straight and level. Then there is the digging and digging and more digging, it's never ending. All work has been done by hand. No large machinery was brought in to make this job easier, Melinda and I like to get our hands dirty and do things the hard and cheap way. Well actually that would be me, she tried to talk me into renting a bobcat but I knew the expense of the fancy brick was going to be enough. I still have about 150 more bricks to bring in and much more digging but the hard part is behind us and we're coming down the homestretch. I'm just glad the weather has been decent this year and I'm getting these projects done early so Melinda and I can have the summer to wander through the woods and explore new trails.
I did manage to get out to the trails for a quick trail run with Moonshine and Jackson today. The trails were in good condition and it felt good to get outside for something else besides manual labor.
My mother in law left for home last Monday and as usual she came through with an unusual gift before she parted ways with us. She said it was part of our Christmas but I'm not sure what to think of it. She gave us a Rubbermaid tub full of used blue dishes. The rugged kind you used to take camping back in the day. She got them at a garage sale. Alot of it is a mix matched and not all of it goes together but the Rubbermaid tub they came in was nice and should come in handy while camping.

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