Monday, February 16, 2009

living life on the edge

Our local news station did a piece the other day on

"Your living your life on the edge if you...."
- Don't have a non-slip mat in your tub.
- Use Q-tips in your ears.
- Eat fruit/vegetables w/o washing them.

Who decided that this stuff worthy of the phrase "living on the edge"? What would they say about the life of a cyclist? Mountain bikers ride through tight singletrack just inches from trees, rocks and the edge of cliffs just fast enough to be on the border of out of control. A road cyclist rides in traffic next to heavy motorized vehicles piloted by lazy humans talking on phones and guzzling cheeseburgers. Are we cyclists living our lives over the edge? If "living your life on the edge" is qualified by the list above they must think we are insane. This is only a very small portion of the original list. There were more and they were ridiculous but I can't find the whole list. I thought it was pretty hilarious and I wonder what kind of boring life the folks who came up with it must live.
Not much going on here, just mostly working over the weekend. I did get the last touches of the first wall in our project finished. Now I'm ready to start digging out for the second tier. I think this one will be a little harder.
As much as I hate to say it I'm glad Alan has been temporally laid off. Don't get me wrong I hate to see anyone going through tough financial times but even he said it himself, he's been having alot of fun. Normally I would have had to ride by myself all last week but since he's been off that's not been the case. I tend to ride more and push myself harder when there is someone riding with me.
Tomorrow starts another three days off and while I should be sleeping in until at least noon, (working nightshift tonight) I plan on getting to Alan's house by 10:30 to head over to NC for some more new trail exploring. I told him he had to drive so I could relax on the drive over. The weather is supposed to be very nice tomorrow and it would be a shame to waste it by sleeping in. I'll catch up on my rest when the weather turns sour on Wed. I guess you could say I'll be "living my life on the edge" tomorrow.
I thought after all the riding, running and retaining wall building I did last week I would have lost some weight. I felt like I was slimmer and a couple lbs lighter, but no still the same. My sweet tooth has really been strong as of lately. It comes and goes but recently I could eat sweets all day long. Sometimes I have almost no self control. If I were rich I swear I would pay someone to follow me around and slap cookies out of my hand.


Alan said...

Anthony will slap them out of your hand for free !!

Darth Duncan said...

I be slappin' cookies yo!