Wednesday, February 11, 2009

time machine

With all this crazy spring like weather I'm almost convinced we're in a time machine. Last week temps in the single digits and then high in the 60's this week. All this warm weather has really gotten me outside everyday exploring new trails and starting new landscaping projects. Every morning this week I get up out of bed with the speed of a 70 year old man. My muscles are sore as hell and not just my legs, I'm talking whole body.
Saturday kicked it all off with a trip to NC and several miles on the singlespeed that I just wasn't used to. Sunday started our spring projects a little early this year. I'm hoping to get everything done early so we can have the whole summer to spend wandering aimlessly through the woods. Monday I found myself chasing Mark & Alan all over Bays Mtn. We checked out the new trail we've been working on this year, I still can't remember the name of it. Then we climbed and climbed and then climbed some more to the top of the mtn and down the backside via the Indian Pipes trail. A little gem I'm embarrassed to say I had not ridden yet. It was a sweet singletrack that took us to places I had never seen.

photo cred. Alan aka "The Complainer"

photo cred. Alan aka "The Complainer"

I'm totally pumped about all the new trails we have to ride right here in Kingsport. After 7+ miles I had to head out and get back to our new landscaping project. It's a whole body workout just in it's self.
Yesterday more work in the yard but I had to get in some trail time with the dogs so in true "riding with dogs" style we loaded up the Mamsita with the Hero cam mounted on the seatpost and shot some dog footage out at Warriors.

Our latest landscaping project has us building a retaining wall. For the past 5 years I've been mowing an embankment on a 45 degree slope. It's not really all that hard to mow now that I'm used to it but the grass has never looked that good due to erosion. We plan to construct a 2 level wall totalling 4 ft. complete with flower beds and shrubs to make it more appealing. After the retaining wall is finished I plan to start on fencing in the yard. I'm growing tired of chasing Moonshine out of the neighbors yards at 5am.


unloading the block

after many hours of digging

getting there slowly but surely

Today I may stay off the bike and go for a run. The winds are supposed to pick up and a storm is headed our way.


Darth Duncan said...

That wall is lookin' good Greg. You're quite the handyman!

Riding with dogs said...

thanks chico, my first time building one

Alan said...

looks good, what do you have it anchored with?

Riding with dogs said...

no anchor needed with these!

Brad said...

nice handywork!

Johnny T said...

wall looks great- leaning into the bank and everything -like a pro.
I like the video too, really glad you didn't play who let the dogs out with it.

Riding with dogs said...

lol, I forgot about that song. I don't think I own any rap music.

Anonymous said...

Great looking wall