Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Registered for my first race of the 2009 season this weekend. The 6 Hours of Warriors Creek to be held on Sat April 4th is the first year for this race. I'm pumped about this race but I wish it weren't 2 months away. I'm ready to go now. I decided to go solo on this one since it's only 6 hrs. Alan had asked me originally if I wanted to race as a team but I figure 6 hrs isn't long enough for a team race, this one is better to roll solo. I figure most folks will be doing this the same or a duo. I guess if I had gone the team route a podium spot might have actually been a possibility, I'm not sure. The promoters just extended the early bird sign-up deadline so that tells me there aren't a whole lot of folks registered yet. It is still early but a small race is nice when there aren't alot of folks crowding the course. I went ahead and signed up in the wuss category and not with the SS crowd. Not saying I won't ride a lap or two on the Monkey I just figured I'd be better off starting the season and my introduction into solo endurance races a little easier. Is this really an endurance race? Not sure. Oddly enough that weekend lined up perfectly with Melinda's Spring Break and my monthly 7 days off so we plan on camping through Monday.
I hope a few more of my friends get on the ball and register for this one. I'm sure Alan will ghost ride it, he's always been a cheap skate but has a good reason for now. Andy registered himself and his girl as a duo but neglected to mention it to her last I heard. I've been trying to contact him for a week now but with no luck. I wonder if she caught wind of his actions and had a hit man hunt him down? Somebody might outta go check on him.
This weekend a group of us are heading over to ride the course and then some. The temps are supposed to be in the upper 50's and sunny. Should be a good day for riding. Our little group has grown larger than expected. The Hero cam duo should be in full effect and with so many riders I'll be sure to take extra batteries and a clean SD card.
Flat Stanley has been begging me to take him along and I told him I would but he's going to have to clean up his act a little. He's trashed our house this week. Who knew a little guy with a cruiser bike and a few beers could do some much damage. I'm going to have to tell him no more riding in the house.

11 days until the start of the 2009 NASCAR season.

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