Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moonshine the hunter

In recent posts I've talked about the increase in number of stray cats in our neighborhood has significantly increased. As of lately we cannot allow Moonshine to roam free outside without her chasing cats through the neighbors yards. On numerous occasions she's even managed to tree a few.
Last night she stalked a new prey, actually this was not new prey to venture onto our property but it was a first catch for her. Ironically Jackson the big chicken was the first to corner this one. The pizza man.
He is a frequent person at our house and of course the dogs go nuts when he arrives. Jackson did not attack but his mere size and bark caused the delivery guy not to even attempt to get out of the car. Jackson did not wait for his prey to exit the vehicle, he met the car in the drive and would not allow the delivery guy to pull all the way in. Jackson is pretty harmless and it was my fault for leaving him out unattended knowing that pizza was on it's way.
Last night was not my fault, Melinda let Moonshine slip out the door and forgot about her until the pizza arrived. Moonshine is sneakier than Jackson. It was dark and her being all black allowed the delivery guy not to notice her until it was too late. She may be smaller but her bark/growl is certainly more vicious than Jackson's. When Melinda heard the commotion she immediately knew what was happening and ran outside to rescue the poor delivery guy. Moonshine had him pinned against the wall between the Subaru and the house.
I managed to miss the show but when we opened the pizza box we saw where the delivery guy had used our food to defend himself. Normally I would call and complain about the mishandling of a pizza but this time I felt it was justified and we arranged the toppings back as best we could. We really need a fence I'd hate to get banned from the pizza delivery list.

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Anonymous said...

You do need a fence. I hate it when the neighbor lets their dog out to come and poop in my yard.