Monday, February 2, 2009

the weekend

It was a good weekend, Melinda and I didn't get out on our bikes but we did manage to go on a nice hike up Devil's Backbone with Anthony and a good run in the sun yesterday. Melinda was really trucking yesterday, running harder than I've seen her run in a long time. When we left the house yesterday she forgot her Ipod so I gave her one of mine to use. Instead of Fleetwood Mac she was listening to Janes Addiction and Rage Against the Machine. She said it really pumped her up and when she was hurting and wanted to complain she didn't have to, they were doing it for her. Sometime this week when she not paying attention I'm going to swap out Fleetwood Mac for Rage on her Ipod.
I told Flat Stanley I would draw him a bike to ride last week but I failed to do so and then while cleaning the bike room this weekend I ran across a better idea.

Flat was so excited about his new ride that he decided he wanted to do something special for me. While Melinda and I were out running he rode his new bike down to the store and picked up a nice surprise for me.
Sweet! I never knew Flat Stanley had such good taste in beer. Now we were all set to watch the Super Bowl.
Hopefully I'll have some bike related stories to share after the weekend. I'm working all this week but off for the weekend.
13 days until the start of the 2009 NASCAR season.


Anonymous said...

Greg I think you need to write a childrens book. What an imagination!!!

Riding with dogs said...

I might write one for dogs, oh wait they can't read. Nevermind

sweet beth said...

greg will Flat be there when we com in?