Friday, April 25, 2008

Hold everything

What a week! I'm still down for the count but my back/leg are improving. I feel like there are a ton of things I need to be doing at work and around the house. At work we had a shutdown to do some repairs and maintenance and in my condition I was stuck inside working the control room. This is the most stressful place to be for 12 hours.
On the home front we have several projects that are in various stages but none of them are finished because I can't do anything and Melinda has been fighting a cold on top of a very bust work week. We bought a bunch of plants for the flower beds that are still sitting around the yard in their original pots. We still have no cabinet doors in the kitchen and project "CrissCross" is just hanging in the bike stand waiting for me to continue stripping off the "Purple Rain" paint job.
I asked one of the guys I work with who mows yards as a second job if he would mind to come by and mow mine since I'm unable to do anything strenuous. He said sure and today he showed up with his mowers. I was hanging out in the kitchen enjoying some coffee this morning when all of the sudden the was a loud CRASH and the entire house seemed to shake. I ran to the backdoor to see that my buddy who was mowing had slid down the hill on his big commercial riding mower and crashed into the deck. Luckily no one was injured but me and the dogs were a little startled. Well I say no one was hurt I think his pride was a little damaged when I got around to telling the story at work and the rest of the crew had a big laugh.
Tonight kicks off the first CRAWL of the season and I'm super pumped. I think we're going to have a good showing of people riding all kinds of bikes. I plan to debut my new cruiser which hasn't seen alot of action as of yet. I plan to snap plenty of pics and report back on all the chaios that ensues.

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