Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Where to race this weekend????????

There are 2 races going on this weekend. I can actually attend both if I really wanted to but it would require spending more money than I really want to. One is right here in my backyard at ETSU, the trails where I consider home. This is where I really learned how to ride. The trail system is not the best but considering it's on the campus and right in the middle of town it's good for what we have to work with. It could be a lot nicer with a little bit more maintenance. The only problem is the regular maintenance crew is the ETSU mtn bike team who most of their riders are gone during the summer months. It also doesn't help that they're all gravity fans so they spend most of their time grooming their downhill runs and jumps.

The only problem with this race is it's too dang short. The race course is only using one third of the available singletrack. I asked why this was and the answer I got was they just didn't have time or the resources to get all the singletrack race worthy. I don't remember anyone asking for help. Last time I rode the course it was okay, just a little cleaning up would do the trick. I'm sure the DH and DS course are going to be in fine condition. The XC course will consist of 4 laps on a 2.5 mile course. This could quite possibly be the shortest course in the histry of mtn. bike racing. I can foresee a bunch of beating and banging as the course is very tight. We might just see something that resembles a good old southern short track race at Bristol. I wonder if there will be a fistfight? That might make it worth the $10 entry fee.

The other possibility is the SERC Knobscorcher race at the Tsali trails in western NC. This is a great trail system but it's a 2.5 hr drive over the mountain and through the woods. I've made this race the last 2 years in a row and we usually head down on Friday and make a whole weekend out of it. But since we just got back from a five day trip to Savannah GA. we are kind of hesitant on driving over and spending a bunch of money. What to do what to do? I guess I could do both since one race is on Sat and the other on Sun but I hate to do that to Melinda and we need the rest. I'll probably end up spending the weekend here but you never know.

Oh yeah today is my Birthday, nothing special planned but Melinda did cook me Blueberry pancakes with granola this morning for breakfast! They were awesome! Thanks sweet heart.

Don't forget to pull an April Fools Joke on someone today.


Darth Duncan said...

There is a possibility I may do the ETSU race, but I seriously doubt it. I'm definitely not gonna make the Knobscorcher.

BTW, Happy Birthday

Riding with dogs said...

you can do it

Melinda said...

HAPPY Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riding with dogs said...

Thanks babe!