Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not much new going on here, just trying to heal up and not think about how much it sucks not being able to ride. I go back to see the doc. tomorrow and I totally plan on grilling him about when I can get back i the saddle. I feel alot better but I've still been walking around with a bit of a limp. I'm not sure if it's related to my back because it feels like a pulled muscle in my calf. I did drop my chain on the cruiser last Fri night a couple of times and my feet kept coming off the pedals. So I may have done it then. I guess I need to get used to flat pedals, it's been so long since I've used them.
On a good note we did have an excellent time on the CRAWL Fri night. We had a pretty good group show up with some really interesting bikes. There were several vintage cruisers and some newer ones as well. I did manage to leave Melinda's front wheel laying in the parking lot that night. DOH! I'll have to post some pics up later when I get a chance. I'm too tired right now, work has been super busy. More later.......

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