Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not much going on this weekend, I've been mostly working the night shift. Yep back to work but after tonight I've only got one more. The weather sure did suck today but I'm glad it sucks on the days I'm working and looks like it'll be nice this week when I'm off so maybe I can get started on the kitchen cabinet project we started like a month ago and never finished. I need to hit the trails this week as well. I've been riding mostly on the road since the weather has been so nice. I did head up to Bay's Mtn today for a workday on the new trails our club is building. They've had several workdays so far but this was the first one I've been able to attend. I'm glad I went I think whats going down there is going to be really nice and once it's done hopefully the folks who run the place will see how great this could be for the park and let us build more. Big props to Jay Hayes for heading up this project and doing such a good job. Most of the hiking trails at Bays mtn are off limits to bikes and in the past all that's been open to us are fire roads which are good for your fitness but just not as fun as singletrack. Maybe in a couple years we'll have 10-15 miles of singletrack available to us. That would be huge for the park and would really increase their business. There is a lot of potential out there but it will take some time.

Tomorrow I hope to start stripping the paint off my Criss Cross frame. I'll try and post a few pics when I do. I've got to think of a better name for that bike. I don't plan on reapplying the stickers, maybe the head badge but that would be it. I'm pretty excited about this project, it going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Any ideas for names for the new ride would be appreciated.

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