Monday, April 7, 2008

The weekend that was

Which race did I choose to attend? Both, which did I actually race in? Neither, no racing for me this weekend. It rained all day Friday and some on Saturday. I figured since the course was so short at ETSU by lap 2 I would be walking, unable to stay upright. Well I guess everyone else figured to same. As it turned out only one person raced the XC event. Congrats to Brad Reed on taking 1st place! Since ETSU was a bust I decided to head over to Tsali for a day trip but that didn't work out either, Oh well maybe next time.Melinda and I decided to sleep in and we managed to get out to watch some of the downhill race at ETSU on Sat. It looked nasty and a few folks we're having a hard time staying on the trail. We did get to hang out with a few of our cycling minded friends and and share a few beers and pizza at Buck's.

Here's Scooby hard charging on his 29" SS!

Melinda's cousin Josh, who races for ETSU

Harley showing these young kids how it's done.

Melinda has not been to excited about her new ride, kinda my fault, I really liked it and kinda prodded her along. Oh well, it wasn't hard to sell. So after we finished at Buck's went headed over to Norris bicycles in JC. Dave the owner has started reviving old frames upon request, when you step in his shop you might see a couple of new frames but the vintage frames are what he really specializes in. Just find one you like from the many and tell him what you want to do with it. He has everything from mtn, road, touring and cruiser frames just lying around waiting to be restored and brought back to life. Melinda found her new ride Saturday, an old red Schwinn cruiser complete with a child seat on the back. After discussing color options and a few details we told Dave to go for it. The child's seat will stay actually but will be converted into a rack complete with a wooden top. The color has yet to be determined but she wants pale yellow. I hope to make it back over there today to resolve the color choice and snap a few pictures before the restoration begins. Well I better get off here the grass is getting tall and Moonshine cut her paw pretty bad yesterday so I've got to run her to the vet today. I'll post up some pics tomorrow.


bethany said...

looking forward to seeing the restoration - no doubt it'll be alot better ride than when i restored one.

Riding with dogs said...

I didn't know you restored one. We're having this one done so it would be better than anything we could do.

Johnny T said...

sorry that was me i didn't realize i was signed in as beth