Friday, April 25, 2008

Tattoo update

I forgot to add this earlier. I finally got the call from Tom over at 2 Ton Tat 2 that my artwork was finished so I stopped in last Wed. to check it out and set-up an appointment. I've been very anxious to see what he came up with and am ready to get some new ink. When I got there and he pulled out the sketch I was kind of at a loss for words. What I saw was definitely good artwork but not what I had in mind. I didn't know what to say. I was afraid to tell him it wasn't going to work but I knew I couldn't grow to like it. It really was my fault, I've been pondering over what I wanted for a long time and I knew I wanted it to have my roadie and my mtn bike in it. Not realistic portraits I told him but I wanted to give him the freedom to come up with something cool because he's the professional. Well he did come up with something really cool but it just wasn't what I wanted. It had a cartoonish feel and that's just not my style. So after I ho-hummed around trying to figure out what to say I finally told him it wasn't what I had in mind. I guess I should have been a little more specific. Not knowing what to do I told him I would run home and get some sketches I had done and bring them back to show him what style I was really looking for.
When I got to the house I grabbed every piece of mtn bike artwork I had I had from sketches to T-shirts. I found the root of my idea in a Twin Six t-shirt, it had a drawing of a bike just like I wanted mine done. I grabbed my camera and snapped a bunch of pics of my bikes and took everything back to Tom. This time I laid down some more specific details of how I wanted it to look. I did leave the background details up to him but gave him a bunch of ideas to go with. Tom really is a great artist, I would recommend him to anyone and thankfully he wasn't mad that I didn't go with his idea. He was totally cool with it and said hey it's my job, to make sure you get what you really want. I'm still set-up for a sitting on next Friday so wish me luck.

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