Tuesday, December 2, 2008

bike rooms and bomb shelters

With all that's going on around our house I've had a hard time trying to get outside and exercise. I've not been on my bike since the Wed. before Thanksgiving and I've not been running since the Turkey Trot 5k. I have been exercising everyday but it's been in the form of an elliptical trainer, stationary bike or strength training. If I'm not at work, Melinda and I have been working around the house trying to get it looking good for the holidays and we are having our house appraised this week as well.
Our house is looking quite festive this year, Melinda has been working hard and has done an excellent job. We're not getting to see much of our families for the holidays so we're trying to make it as festive as possible.
Yesterday I decided to tackle the project of cleaning up our basement. It's the one place in the house that I'm totally responsible for so obviously it looks the worst. Yesterday I cleaned and organized the main part of the basement and today I worked on the bomb shelter. Yes, I said bomb shelter and no it's not a name I've given an odd place in our house. We really do have a bomb shelter under our house, I spoke to the weirdos who built it. It was built back during the Cold War but the interesting thing is, they did it after the house was built and it's pretty big.
I wonder if it will bring more value to our house knowing that we can survive a nuclear attack? You would think I would make a cool bike room out of it but I can't get bike in it. To enter the bomb shelter you must make a series of turns down a cramped hallway with low ceilings. It does make for an interesting conversation piece at the parties we throw and I usually end up taking newbies on a guided tour against Melinda's wishes.
Maybe one day I've knock out some cinder block and make a new doorway so it's easier to access and then I can make it into a cool bike room but that's more work than I want to do right now.
I've got a pretty cool bike room upstairs right now and since we don't have any kids it should stay that way for a while. I thought I might post up a couple of shots of my bike room it's my favorite room in the house. No pics of the bomb shelter though, if you want to see it you have to sign up for a guided tour.

This is also Moonshine's favorite room, she guards the bikes when we're gone.

My collection of random bike toys and Mexican "Day of the Dead" art. It also serves as a work table and a tool, spare part and cold beer holder when I'm busy wrenching.

The roadie section.


Darth Duncan said...

I so wish I had a bike room....*sigh*

Riding with dogs said...

maybe she'll let you have a bike closet?.....I so wish I had a garage.....*sigh*

Christopher said...

I'd like to go ahead and get signed up for a tour of the bomb shelter during our next visit.

Riding with dogs said...

I'll put your name down. How many in your party?

Darth Duncan said...

I'll bring the bomb.

Alan Sparks said...

I have a bike room but its "so not" that cool!!!! My perfect bike room would be about 30X30ish - built in compressor, wash bay, inset storage closets and cabinets\counters\sink like a kitchen!!

firecrackers don't count as bombs Anthony

Riding with dogs said...

I dare you to build it

Darth Duncan said...

My ideal bike room would probably have a house attached to it.

Stella Richard said...

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