Tuesday, December 30, 2008

12 Hours in Photos

A few days ago I posted that I planned to do a project,"12 Hours in Photos". I took a picture from my day,every hour on the hour, or 12 hours starting at 8am. Nothing too exciting but it was fun on my part. Melinda thought my idea was kinda goofy at first but halfway through the day she was reminding me to take pictures and sneaking into the shots with me. She even said something along the lines of doing the project herself. Hope you enjoy

Sunday December 28, 2008

8am - Taking out the dogs for their morning pee, it's raining.

9am - Morning coffee, yep I like it creamy.

10am - Checking the weather radar to see how much longer this rain plans to hang around.

11am - The weatherman says the trails are going to be wet for a while so I decided to clean out my bike tool box.

12pm - Lunch with Melinda

1pm - A break in the rain so I decided to put Melinda's bike racks back on her car.

2pm - The sky opened up again so Melinda and I decided to head to the Mall in search of some new running shoes.

3pm - Leaving the Mall, we didn't find any running shoes I liked. Off to Dick's Sporting Goods.

4pm - Just got home from shoe shopping. We both scored a new pair of running kicks, yeah!

5pm - Testing out the new running shoes at the local park.

6pm - Shower time, I got pretty sweaty during the new running shoe test.

7pm - Chilling on the couch with Melinda after a hard day of shopping, eating and running shoe testing.

8pm - Movie time

Thanks to Melinda for helping me keep track of when I was supposed to take my photos.



a day in the life.... yours was better than that one blog I read before

Darth Duncan said...

I suppose that slaying monsters happens after 8pm.

Riding with dogs said...

yep, that vampires and dragons